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Booking and Buying Online with 4u2TRAVEL
Supports Charities

How it Works
Many of the suppliers on this website have accorded 4u2TRAVEL 'Affiliate' status. This means that for every booking or purchase the supplier receives via the 4u2TRAVEL website we at 4u2TRAVEL receive a commission.
4u2TRAVEL undertakes to donate 10% of all these commissions to The Grand Appeal and 2% to each of the other charities listed below - equally split between each of them. So the more you use 4u2TRAVEL to book and buy, the more we will be able to donate to the charities.
This arrangement commenced on 01 November 2008. As the site becomes busier we would like to increase the percentage of commission donated to each charity as business grows - but that's still a dream at the moment and depends entirely on how many people use the site - so tell your friends and relatives all about us!
Please note that not all links on this website are affiliate links that generate commission. In general, links with banner graphics, logos etc are affiliate links. Only where commission is generated and paid by the supplier can we pass on a donation to charity.

Charities Supported

Click on the charity to go to their main website and find out more about the fantastic work that they do

4u2Travel supports the Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal (Alex Ross Star Tribute Fund) for Bristol Children's Hospital in memory of Alex Ross
Wallace & Gromitís Grand Appeal Registered Charity No. 1043603 Company registration No. 3008531 © and TM Aardman/Wallace & Gromit Limited 2008

County Air Ambulance Trust

Just A Drop - An international wateraid charity, providing clean water and sanitation for children and communities in some of the poorest and remotest parts in the world.


If you want to make a charity donation online there are many charities which offer this service - click here to go to direct links to charities' own sites and donate direct.

For direct links to ONLINE CHARITY SHOPS click here


Of course there are many hundreds of deserving charities which we are regrettably unable to support directly financially with donations of commission raised. They all do fantastic work. A selection of these are listed below and you can navigate straight to their websites to check out what they do and how you can support their efforts.
Please note that websites featured on our links page elsewhere on this site are not part of 4u2travel and are not participants in our scheme to donate part of commission to charity.

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