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The 4u2TRAVEL Extras Zone is full of information about all those other travel related matters such as foreign exchange, maps and guidebooks, travelogue books and books for holiday reading, travel accessories and so on. Just follow the links on the left. Some popular links are shown below as well. Our mission is to provide a full and unbiased information and booking service, helping you to find exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss.

Get all your sunscreens and lipsalves as well as other essential travel medication here

GOSIM offer various deals to reduce the cost of mobile calls and texts whilst you are abroad

Books, Cameras and other travel accessories all available at fantastic prices from Amazon

Top ten travel apps:

If you have a smartphone then you can instantly make any journey much easier by seeking out some of the following travel apps. Here are just 10 of the best travel apps to get you started, but there are plenty more options out there that you can unearth by searching for them.


Regularly cited as one of the best trip planning apps around, Tripit lets you manage a journey ranging in duration from a couple of days to a few months. It is perfect for people whose organisational skills need a bit of a tech boost.


Finding a place to eat or drink in an area you do not know can be hit and miss, but with Urbanspoon you can see user-rated venues in the vicinity and pick the one that suits your tastes.

XE Currency

It is still easy to get duped when dealing with a foreign currency, but this app provides live updates on exchange rates and lets you work out how much you are spending so that you can manage your budget.

The Cartographer

Apps can take the romance out of travel, but this retro-themed navigation service lets you plan routes in an intriguing and quirky way which harks back to years gone by without letting the tweeness outweigh its functionality.

Google Translate

If languages are not your strong suit then this app will let you translate up to 64 different tongues into your preferred mode of speech, either by text or by audio translation in real time.


Frequent flyers will want to download this moneysaving app that lets you find the cheapest tickets to the destinations that you need to reach.

PetrolPrices Pro

If you are going to be spending your travelling time on the road, then fuel prices will be a real concern. This app finds you nearby stations with the cheapest fuel, also indicating where they are located and what types of fuel are on offer.

Google Maps

This is no longer available on iOS, but it is still a staple of Android. While the mapping and navigation is very comprehensive and easy to use, perhaps the strongest feature is Street View. There is nothing like being able to get a street level overview of a place you have never visited, as this can help you find your way when you are actually on the ground and reveals things that an overhead map simply cannot.


A simple app with significant ramifications, TubeExits basically tells you where you should stand on the platform of particular London Underground stations to get easy access to the doors. This may sound like an unnecessary feature, but when things get busy on the tube you will really value being in the right place at the right time.


For last minute booking of accommodation in hip, trendy places you could check out www.secrethotels.org via your phone`s browser. Or you could get this app that gives a trio of daily deals of which you can take advantage.

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