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The 4u2TRAVEL Package Holiday Zone is full of information about "package holidays". Our mission is to provide a full and unbiased information and booking service, helping you to find exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss.

If you want to book a package holiday through an online agent and you have no particular preference as to which tour operator you travel with, then use the menu on the left or click here to go to our Book a Package Holiday page

If you want to book with a particular Tour Operator or just visit their site, use the lower part of the menu on the left. This takes you to pages of direct links to major Tour Operators like TUI and Kuoni that offer a wide range of different types of package holidays and to tour operators specialising in particular types of package holiday

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What is a Package Holiday?

The term 'Package Holiday' was first coined in the middle of the last century and is generally used to describe holidays where all the arrangements for booking and providing the travel, accommodation and any other associated elements of a holiday are made for the client by a company, known generally as the 'Tour Operator'. A Package holiday is ideal for those who are not familiar with making travel arrangements to or in their chosen destination or do not have the necessary experience, expertise or lingustics to do so.

Traditionally one of the major benefits of a Package Holiday is that because the package offered by the Tour Operator is pre-arranged and sold in bulk to large numbers of clients the price of this type of holiday has generally been cheaper than if someone booked all the arrangements privately or separately. With the advent of modern technology this has been changing as the internet enables suppliers of the travel services themselves and the public to deal with each other more easily and prices of flights and hotels sold directly to the public have come down.

Package Holidays remain a good way of taking holidays to destinations where language or terrain may make individual travel difficult or where specialist arrangements are made for holidaymakers such as provision of expert guides, special trains etc.

Another benefit of Package holidays sold in the UK is that they are regulated by Regulations to ensure that specified levels of consumer protection must be provided to anyone booking a package holiday including the re-imbursement of monies paid by the consumer if a supplier goes into liquidation.

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