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The 4u2TRAVEL Driving pages will bring you useful hints and information about driving yourself to Europe. Our mission is to provide a full and unbiased information and booking service, helping you to find exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss.

General Information about Driving in Europe

Click here for general information and advice for driving in Europe, provided by the AA.

General Information about Driving in France

Click here for general information and advice for driving in France from the Bison-Futé site. This includes real time information on the location of any disruption to traffic on France's road network. Unfortunately some of the pages are only in French but you can use Google to translate!
Watch out for speed traps. French traffic police have been known to target foreign drivers for speeding - they often use hidden motorbikes to do this and the on the spot fines are not small! There are also lots of speed cameras now in France - most of which are switched on 24/7. Look out for signs saying "Controle Radar" or "controles automatiques" . Many bends now have 70kmh limits and cameras, and the standard limit in most urban areas is now 50kmh not 60.

Vehicle Breakdown Insurance

A good Breakdown Insurance is a must when driving abroad. If you have a policy in place that already covers UK breakdown, you may well be able to extend its validity to include Europe. Otherwise, make sure you take out a good policy with a reputable supplier.

All you need for driving in Europe

Remember that European countries have different laws for road users and to satisfy some of these you need additional equipment not required in the UK. For example, in France you should carry two warning triangles and a mini breathalyzer kit as well as a high viz jacket for each passenger. To avoid fines make sure you are properly equipped. HALFORDS is a great place to get what you need!

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