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Rail operators and specialist rail ticketing agents have been slower than airlines to develop online booking facilities but have now begun to get their act together. One site where you can research and book rail tickets for travel in Europe is the Rail Europe site (until recently known as Loco2). Unfortunately they no longer offer us commission for bookings made via their site. There are some specialist agents that offer a comprehensive European Rail Booking service. Many individual European countries have their own rail booking sites - see below.

Click here for UK Rail Booking and information pages.
Click here for Rail Pass pages

Europewide Rail Web Sites

European Countries' Rail Websites


The Swiss Rail System is legendary for its efficiency and rightly so. For all the information (in English) that you need about travel by rail (and other public transport) in Switzerland and especially all about the fantastic Swiss Travel Pass tickets that save you loads of Francs, click on the big banner Swiss Travel System link above.
To go straight to the Swiss Rail online timetable in English click here.


German Rail Web Site (in English) - This is perhaps the most comprehensive and reliable of all the European national rail web sites and is generally best for train times and indeed journeys by public transport generally not just for Germany but for many other countries in Europe (other than Switzerland - see above). The option to buy tickets doesnt usually apply outside Germany but for checking routes and schedules its great.


Italian Rail Web Site (in English) - OK for checking timings and prices in Italy - and you can buy your tickets in advance if you wish.


The French Rail site in English is to be found at OUI.SNCF. This does not always show you all the possible trains on a route - especially if some of the travel is in countries other than France.

Pre-bookable Rail Holidays

Currently we are awaiting links to Great railway Journeys' website to enable commissionable bookings. In the meantime you can go to their site at httpss://www.greatrail.com/

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