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On this page you will find links to providers of standard travel and holiday insurance that covers typical arrangements for people with no special requirements or circumstances that may affect the nature or cost of their insurance cover. Policy premiums vary according to destination and age of those to be covered and the duration of the trip. Look out for good deals on annual multi trip policies which often offer better value than single trip policies if you expect to go abroad more than once in a calendar year. Make sure that you take out appropriate travel insurance for your particular requirements. Check that the policy covers you for your intended destinations and any activities that you might undertake whilst travelling. Companies that specialise in particular types of holiday insurance are featured on the Winter Sports and Other Specialist Travel Insurance pages which can be reached via the menu on the left of the page.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance - If you book a flight with a scheduled airline and not as part of a package holiday covered by an ATOL Licence, you are likely to lose any monies paid for tickets if the airline goes bust before your flight. Most standard holiday insurance does not cover against this eventuality but you can take out Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance with Protectmyholiday.com. Be aware that some airlines known to be in financial trouble are not included in the Insurer's cover - but this is clearly indicated when you complete the insurance application online. It is also worth noting that if you pay for your flight by credit card some or all of your payment can usually be claimed back from the credit card company. Check with your card company for details.

Columbus are another well known travel insurance provider

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