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General passport and visa information for British Citizens resident in the UK and links to key agencies providing full details about Passports and visas are featured on this page.

PASSPORTS - click on the links below:

For all you need to know about UK Passports - general information

Apply for a UK Passport

Lost or stolen passport - what you have to do

VISAS - click on the links below:

Visa Service - Check if you need a visa to visit any country and apply for your visa online.
This is an easy to use site. Enter the details of where and when you want to travel and why (tourism, business etc), and immediately you get details of what if any visa is required and can apply for it seamlessly.

Do I need a UK Visa? - Visa requirements for those wishing to visit Britain

A lot of useful information about UK visas is listed on this non government page

How to apply for a travel visa to enter the UK

Applying for a visa to enter the United Kingdom is a process which can be complex. The nature of the process that you will have to undergo very much depends on the type of visit to the UK that you are making. If you plan a short stay of less than six months, then you need to apply for a general visitor visa. This may be different for citizens of different countries though and there are some countries, such as those in the European Union, whose citizens do not require a visa. A general visitor visa entitles you to stay in the country for no longer than six months. Applying for this kind of visa is done via the UK Borders Agency website by filling in an online form. The form is available in many different languages and a full instruction sheet is also available for download. The specifics of the form and the process will change depending on your country of origin though and it is important that you check all information relating specifically to your country of origin before you begin the process. A short term visit visa will only let you stay in the UK for six months though before you have to leave. If you are planning on a visit which will last longer than that, you will need to apply for a long term visit visa. These can be valid for one, two, five or 10 years. The fee that you will have to pay to apply is higher than for a short term visitor visa. While this visa will grant unlimited entry to the UK for the period of time for which the visa is valid, its holder can still only stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days at a time during any 12-month period. Applying for the right visa in this case is crucial, as any behaviour which gives the slightest indication of inconsistency with the terms of the visa will be a cause for suspicion. A full range of the fees which are charged to applicants for the various levels of visa can be found on the website of the UK Borders Agency. Long term visit visas are not cheap and applicants should expect to pay more than 500 for the privilege of making an application. Being able to prove that you have sufficient funds to sustain you during your stay is an important part of the process. If you cannot demonstrate this then the assumption might well be that you are coming to the UK to work rather than visit. This will mean that you are likely to be refused a visa. With so many different factors potentially affecting any application for a visa to visit the United Kingdom, it is always a good option to speak to a properly qualified professional who can offer specific immigration advice which properly applies to your particular situation. Small errors in any part of the process can make the routines even more complex, so never go ahead with anything that you are unsure about without first seeking professional advice.

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