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A few handy tips you may wish to consider when deciding on how to pack and what to pack

Packing for holidays can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned traveller. Space is always at a premium, be it on a budget airline, public transport or in a car with family or friends. Everyone has come home from their holidays with half their luggage pristine and unused and the other in desperate need of the washing machine. This is where the savvy packer comes into their own, knowing where and how to maximise the space in their bag. With the right techniques it is possible to take everything you want and arrive with exactly the freshly ironed clothes you need.

It may seem to be very simplistic but the very first thing that should be done is to lay everything that is being taken out on a bed or table. Firstly, there should be any essential medications, including a mini first-aid kit. Then come toiletries that have been decanted into smaller containers that will last the duration of the trip, incorporating any that are specific to the destination. Every toiletry should be questioned - will an alternative already be supplied or can they be purchased on arrival. So much valuable luggage space can be lost to things such as sun cream that can be bought almost everywhere.

Surprisingly, the last thing is the clothes and this is probably the hardest part. Everyone over-estimates what he or she needs to take. This is why it is so important to lay everything out first - then it is decision time. Start with the essentials such as underwear and then build up, mixing and matching outfits as you go. In very rare cases multiple changes of clothes in a day may be needed and building up layers will make the transition from day to night easy. In most cases, at least a third of what has been laid out can be left at home.

In the days when travellers had butlers and valets who packed for them, clothes were interleaved with tissue paper to keep them wrinkle free. This handy little trick can be replicated in the modern day with the use of plastic carrier bags. The order in which a case is packed is also very important, not only to maximise space but also to minimise creasing. This is where a capsule wardrobe such as Animal surf clothing comes into its own. First are the clothes - keeping everything as flat as possible is essential, as is placing a carrier between each garment - then shoes stuffed with the toiletries and last but by no means least underwear placed in the pockets. As with everything, a bit of planning can make a big difference and remove a lot of the stress! Happy travelling..........

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