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Shop at John Lewis from the comfort of your own home. All the quality and high levels of service that you expect from this leading High Street brand - now available from your sitting room!. Just click now on the links below or CLICK HERE to go to the JOHN LEWIS online home page.


Here are a host of reasons why shopping at John Lewis online makes sense!!
  • FREE DELIVERY on orders over 30
  • FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY to any John Lewis shop
  • Premium delivery services also available - from 6.95
  • FREE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all televisions - CLICK HERE
  • FREE 3 YEAR GUARANTEE on ALL John Lewis branded electrical appliances
  • FREE 2 YEAR GUARANTEE on all dishwashers, washing machines and dryers
  • FREE 2 YEAR GUARANTEE on all computers - CLICK HERE
  • FREE 90 day computer support line
  • Made to Measure service for blinds and curtains with FREE delivery - CLICK HERE
  • WHAT's NEW section - CLICK HERE for all the latest from JOHN LEWIS
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